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Company Overview

Polina Fedorova is the founder of a photography school. She has published her work in Russian magazines.

She is a photographer and also worked as a contract producer for VOGUE and ELLE.

Polina has been teaching for over ten years

Since 2017 the school has been operating in Toronto.

Course Overview

One-day photography course for beginners

Dates and Locations

We are going to have two groups:

Niagara Falls (L2G2G1):
October 24th, 12 pm- 6 pm

Toronto (Commercial Rd):
November 7th, 12 pm – 6 pm

For those who are motivated to:

  • wants to buy a camera
  • would like to buy a camera
  • has a DSLR but only shoots in AUTO mode
  • doesn't know how to find out more about photography but wants to
  • wants to upgrade the camera for photography

You will discover:

  • learn the basics of digital photography
  • learn how to be artistic and take great shots with Manual Mode on your camera
  • learn how to take high-quality photos

Photography course for intermediate in Toronto

This course of 3 days is addressed to those who already know how to operate a camera at manual mode.
If you are not sure how to shoot in manual mode, start with our photography lesson for beginners.
Our course on photography will cover topics such as depth of field and focus points. The purpose is to help you avoid the typical mistakes new photographers make.

The course consists of three lessons(2 hours each):

Lesson 1. Exposure compensation. Shooting modes. Long exposure photography.

Lesson 2. Dynamic range. Light meter and camera metering modes. Basics of High Dynamic Range. HDR in landscape photography. Usage of reflectors. Usage of sun diffusers. Using flash. Flash sync speed. Flash in low light.

Lesson 3: composition. Rule of thirds. Shooting portrait in daylight. Pictorial in modern photography

Beside group training, we offer one-on-one lessons. In each session you will learn something new and receive help understanding the fundamentals of the course.

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    • Giovanni Caschera
      June 2, 2022 at 9:03 pm

      Polina is a knowledgable and professional photography teacher with great patience. I would recommend Polina to anyone interested in her photography courses.

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