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The use of technology makes it possible to voice your memories and emotions which are brought to life through the sights and sounds of video.

Preserved Light Photography use scenic landscapes and other themes in their portfolio. Their work is meant to both visually and emotionally engage the viewer.

We try to share stories, experiences and images of this beautiful world with you. By exploring the world and trying new things we can connect to one another.

The work I create has been published and awarded in many different magazines across the U.S. and Canada, including National Geographic, North Face, Time Magazine, Google+, CBC, Sigma Lenses, International Mountain Summit, Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine and Canadian National Capitol Commission

Course Overview

Online photography courses for beginners

South Okanagan photography courses are available for individuals and small groups. Each course is tailored to individual's skillset in photography, with the goal of helping them learn a new skill or refine their current ones.

Past workshops have covered the topics of camera basics, night photography, long exposure landscapes and waterfalls, sunrise and sunsets, as well as actions sports and post production techniques. The workshop session could potentially last from one or two hours to several days out in the field.

Camera Basics 101 - Learn how to use your camera

Have you ever wondered how photos were taken? We’ll teach you some tricks that pro photographers use to take better pictures. This includes understanding the principles of a photo and preserving precious moments.

Landscape Photography - Golden Hours (Sunset/Sunrise)

Join us for a tour that will take you to some of the best views in the South Okanagan. We’ll be showcasing how to capture amazing and unique photographs during sunrise or sunset, or sometimes even during the "Golden Hour". There’s no rigid itinerary for this tour- we chose new locations each time based on what would work out best under current conditions.

Astrophotography - Night Sky & Stars

Join us for a workshop/photo tour to teach you about the Milky Way. We'll also show you some of the darkest skies in the South Okanagan. You will learn how to fearlessly point your camera into the night sky and capture amazing photographs of this moment, as memorable or better than you remember. We tailor each workshop to ensure a progressive and hands-on learning experience. This course is aimed at beginners or those who are already experienced photographers.

Long Exposures - Rivers & Waterfalls

Our photo tours include going to some of the most stunning waterfalls in the Okanagan Valley. We use polarizing filters and long exposures to capture "silky smooth" images. Participation is tailored to beginner and serious photographers alike.

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    • Josh Bovard
      June 2, 2022 at 7:29 pm

      Caillum was awesome to work with! He was really flexible and easy to work with. He made sure to get natural shots and would have us try different poses before capturing the photo. The photos came out perfect, taking in to account all of the small moments as well as the big ones.

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    • Yanti Sharples
      June 2, 2022 at 7:31 pm

      Caillum is a professional with an incredible eye for light. He honors his commitments and communities by being himself. I would strongly recommend trusting Caillum with any important events in your life.

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